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Monitor Select
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Would desperately like to be able to add either a drop down custom control that let you select the monitor source from a main panel or even just a button which shortcuts directly to the monitor select screen. I mix sound from the stage on my xr18 and constantly have to check between my monitor bus, main L&R and other busses to hear what others are hearing.
Super stretch would be for the monitor selection to follow the mix selection in the app!!

Variant: XAIR

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

Do you really mean the monitor source or bus out?
For monitor source you could just solo the channel you want to listen to


Hi, I have my inears connected to the monitor out of the xr18. I need to quickly switch between front of house, busses, fx etc to hear what others are hearing - at the moment I am having to select “console”, monitor source etc? I’d just like this drop down on my custom layer


If you're using the monitor/phones out why can't you just solo the channels?