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Text not rendering correcty
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Text that should be obscured (should be in the background) shows in front of custom items.

The Meterbridge labels "In 1-8", "In 9-16", etc are drawn over the top of my custom buttons.

A fader's "PAFL" is drawn over the top of my custom button.

These display correctly on iPad (1.3.8)

Platform: OSX
Variant: Qu
Version: 1.1.2 (156)

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But the issue now appears on the iPad since updating to 1.4.4 so consistent between Mac and iOS platforms.


This change was made when the new rendering optimization was implemented to support FX and channel icons. There is currently no easy way to resolve this issue without either a major rewrite or sacrifice battery lifetime.
Initially the only issue that came up because of this were related to custom buttons and could easily been resolved by removing the text from the button.
This type of stacking buttons on top of other controls (like the meter bridge) is new to me so I haven't thought about these use cases initially.


I add buttons over the parts of the meter bridge I don't use (eg: inputs 17 to 32).

I draw a yellow box over the top parts of the mixer layer to remind me I'm in SOF mode.

I don't want to sacrifice battery life and you don't want a major rewrite so I'll take that as unlikely to be fixed! I'll amend my layout.

Thanks David.


Thank you for understanding, it's sadly not always possible to keep everything "as is" :-)