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Colour not rendering correctly
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A custom button that should be bright yellow is rendering as a curry-coloured brown.

Looks bright yellow on iPad

Platform: OSX
Variant: Qu
Version: 1.1.2 (156)

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I have just updated my iPad (for Qu) to the latest version (1.4.4) and I see this 'problem' also appears there. Wish I could revert to earlier version of MS.


The button is yellow if enabled. If the button is not active it's dark yellow.
I assume the assigned action is currently not enabled and therefore the button is in this color.
What action is assigned to the button?


There is no action for the button - I'm simply using it as a label. I don't use an actual label element as they are transparent and I want a solid, bright yellow box and warning text (visible only in SOF mode) that obscures part of the mixer layer to remind me that I'm in SOF mode. (I don't like the colour scheme of SOF Background.) I've just figured out how to do what I want: Set the button to SOF Off and Invert the selection. Thank you for the inspiration!