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Tap Tempo Operation
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David, Thanks for all the improvements you keep making to the software. I have given you some suggestions in years past and was pleased that you added those enhancements.

I use the X32 for live sound and have the tap tempo button permanently visible because I use it for most songs to set a delay effect. I do have it "latched" so it resets the tap tempo properly when I tap it several times for a new beat.

BUT it has always been very difficult to use. There is sort of a delay between tapping and a new blink rate on the button. And frequently the tempo is a little slower than what I feel I tapped in. This might be due to communication lag with the board or something I probably don't understand. What I would like to do is suggest a refinement, however it might be accomplished, with this being the key point: Force the blinking (and ultimate tempo) to sync with the actual mechanical finger tap, perhaps giving more weight to the last tap.

What I mean by this is perhaps illustrated best by what it seems to do now. I tap several times and even if I tap precisely and the tempo is set correctly - the blinking is not synchronized with my actual taps. It seems to be 1/2 beat off or something like that. When I tap, I am taping ON the beat I want. So it would be much easier to visually verify that I have set the tempo correctly if the blinking is also ON the beat - my finger beat. Instead, currently, it is OFF the beat to some degree, even if it is the correct rate. It is very hard to view the off beat blinking and determine that it is the correct tempo.

It would be much improved I think if it put a priority on blinking in sync with my finger taps. If that was instant, great. But even if there were a slight delay after physically tapping stopped, it would still be easier to use. That is, I tap 4 times, a brief pause by mixing station to process, then blink the tap-sync button in time with my taps.

Oh well, a minor thing, but something I do almost every song. And it does take time and attention away from other mixing tasks trying multiple times to get the tap-sync right.

Variant: XM32

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By default the button reacts when lifting the finger. Make sure to change the toch mode to "Touch" instead of "single press".
This is probably the delay you're talking about


Thanks for your quick reply. Changing to "Touch" mode on that button seems to have solved my issue.

Warm wishes to you and your family - Mike