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switch layouts depending on landscape or portrait orientation
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Is there a way to switch custom layouts when the tablet is physically rotated between landscape and portrait orientations? So, for example lets say I am using the factory default layout in landscape mode. If I create a custom layout that has a custom DCA layer, can I cause a switch to that layout when I rotate the tablet to portrait orientation?

Alternatively, suppose I already have a custom DCA layer that I access via a button on my custom layout. If I am in landscape orientation looking at mixer channels on my custom layout, is there a way to have the custom DCA layer automatically invoked by changing the tablet to a portrait orientation? Then when I rotate back to landscape I would want my previous view of my custom layout re-displayed wherever it was before the rotation?

What I am looking for is the ability to create two separate custom layouts that operate independently and switch back and forth depending on the tablet physical orientation. Each time I rotate the table the layout switches. When you rotate again to cause a switch back, the current view should return to the exact display it had before switching.

Variant: XM32

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