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just a crazy idea.... anew app
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here is just a crazy idea
what about to add to the existing consoles just one generic MIDI-Controller ??
this is maybe just a dream..... but I am using MixingStation now very often and I love it and the best of it : having a common graphical interface for several different consoles :))
and I would love to have that same graphical interface also for other tasks as for example OSC or MIDI controller (to replace my Touch-OSC) -...!, for lighting or other softwares etc but also to control my old 01V96 (as I do it actually already by RTP-Midi+Wi-Fi)
OSC is maybe (or probably) a dream too far away, but I guess that the actual control for the available consoles is already in MIDI and SysEx. (maybe I'm wrong ?)... and I can imagine to build a complete personnal "Generic Virtual Console" with the Edit-Menu for faders, buttons and encoders at its most simple state (just CC, Note and PC.... and maybe a field for explicit SysEx-Messages ?))

but maybe it is just "out of range"...???
thanks for reading
cheers Z.

Variant: XM32

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