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X touch multi faders midi bugg
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With windows 10, whenn driving multiple faders of the x touch at the same time with midi via usb cable, the wing often lost some parts of the infos and positions for few seconds.
The software continue to work properly but not send the correct info position for some seconds to the wing.

Whenn you work on 1 fader only there is no problem.

Platform: Windows
Variant: Wing
Version: 1.1.5(191)

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How are you connected to the mixer?


Even directly with the mouse in the app, i get some lost parts with the wing.

I get from computer to a rj45 switch, then to the rj45 near the power of the wing.

Static ip, tcpipv4.


What firmware version are you on? I don't have these issues with the wing and since the wing uses tcp packet loss can't be an issue here


Soft 1.1.5 (191) for mixing station. And wing under 1.11

With usage of multiple faders at the same time and in continuous move, its continue to make the issue even today after changing :
Cables, computer, and to get directly to the desk.

I didn't have the issue whenn i do the same with the 1st wifi router in the case 1 and with ipad and copilot. But with mixing station on windows 10 i didn't find the solution for the moment. I could send a video if you want.

Another question :
Is there any way to link selected chanel in mixing station and in the wing?
Could be useful for me.

Big thanks for your help


Yes a video would be great.

No the wing can't link channels as far as I know, since they are already all stereo


Oh, nothing about stereo just whenn you select a track on the soft, the wing get to the same selection (like yamaha and other manufacturers, you often could say :software and hardware desk linked for selected channel or not. For yamaha its in the pref of the app in the ipad for exemple.)

Here is the link for the video


It's call "stage mix select follow console" or console follow stage mix.

Usefull in live situation.


Ah that's what you meant, no not supported by the mixer atm. It's already possible with the x32 and sq


Cool if its come in further versions 😊

I send the link of the video of the issue up in the discussion.
Seems like overload of infos between soft and wing more than loss of data.


The next update will add an option to follow the selected channel on the mixer.
Regarding the fader position: I tried to move 32 faders at the same time without any issues using a wireless connection to the mixer.
The faders on the mixer did respond without any delay / lag.
Does this issue also appear when you deactivate midi in mixing station?


I just check tonight. When midi deactivated it arrived less.
More stable, but happens randomly whenn i move 2 faders or more really quickly - >

You can hear the faders moving and stopping on the video.
Told me if you need further info or another video with all on the same screen.

Let me know if you see some more things to test.

With the next upgrade if possible to include a follow option for sends on fader too (on wing and software it would be cool!)

Big thanks for your help and your great tool!


Testing today with only ipad, direct wifi connection, and no midi activate.
Same issue.
Whenn i move multiple faders at the same time, kind of overload happens and some infos are lost randomly.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Thanks for your help


I try with the new beta version. Always here.

I check one more things: whenn moving faders of the wing, even 8 at the same time, the x touch and the mixing station always follow. Never have this kind of overload of information that causes data loss.

But in the other way it's allways there.

Any way to fix this?

Let me know if you need me to send you the remote or something. I'm really interested by this midi remote extension 🙂
It makes the wing a no limit desk for his cost!


I still couldn't reproduce the issue but the packet count is quite high since mixing station sends an update after every change immediately. I already have an idea how to rate limit the packets but it will take a bit to implement since it requires a lot of testing.
I'll create a new task for this and close this one



Don't hesitate if you want me to test it too in a beta version.