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Compressor settings not loading in offline scenes
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When loading an offline scene, my compressor settings aren’t being loaded.
Sometimes I can switch scenes and the settings will load, but it seems hit and miss.

Platform: iOS
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.4.9

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Cannot reproduce, all compressor settings are stored and recalled.
There was a bug in the past which prevented all settings to be stored correctly. It could be that your scene file is simply missing that data


Thank you…. The scene’s I’m using are scenes that I’ve worked on already with 1.4.9.
I do 5 shows a week, so say I open my show from tonight for instance - all of the compressors settings on every channel are gone.

Sometimes I can open another scene, then come back to tonight’s scene and all compressor settings will be back as they should.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

Very very weird.


Is this reproducable offline?


So far I’ve only noticed this in offline mode.
I just made a video where I went into a scene, then three others including one I used tonight, none had threshold settings - then back to the original scene I was originally in, and all of a sudden it had the correct threshold setting.

Sent you the video in email.