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GEQ issues in bus channel view
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When selecting GEQ in bus channel view, i have two issues…..

GEQ starts in “large” (scroll) mode:
I have to back out and go into it in FX and switch to “full screen” mode. Then go back in on bus view and I can work with it.
Copy / Paste in bus channel view:
When trying to copy from one GEQ and paste in another in bus view mode, it doesn’t work. Must go into FX and copy from one, to the other and it works then.

Platform: iOS
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.4.9

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This occurs in offline mode as well as online.


That's expected since copy/paste only includes channel parameters. For the X32 this action is executed by the mixer and I can't change the behavior of it. In offline mode you should also see a warning message at the bottom telling you that you must be connected.

Regarding the size issue I'll take a look at it



Thanks for looking into it.