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Master Fader should ALWAYS be visible
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Hi David

My name is John Ferreira, and studio production and live Sound is all I do for a living, so, a full timer.
I also co-designed and tested my own software called MLP Media Live Performer, to play media along with lyrics, for the last 30 years, since the Atari 520ST days. I also attended school for electronics engineering technology, for over 4 years.

This is regarding all mixers in general, but I am specifically using Behringer XAir series.
For some reason, there is no such option on the next box bellow, so I just chose Wing.

1 It’s very inconvenient having to use a second iPad to control the FOH Master Volume, when ringing the PA, or adjust when seeing all meters. There are several ways to ring out the PA, and having 6 drum mics and 4 vocal mics on stage, at some point you need to raise the Master and see the feedback frequency of all mics at the same time. What is the point of having to get out of any page to adjust the Master Fader, only to then not know which frequency to adjust, and then going back in, and there is not enough audible feedback to adjust? The fader of the channel is not always all you need, if you have a group of mics, and as you know, losing 3dB or range for every mic you add.
There are also other examples where the Master Fader is needed, like in the Effects page, when you need to adjust the 4 band multi-compressor Combinator.
So please let me suggest a always visible Master Fader option on any page of Mixing Station just like a live console (on the right hand side).

2 On the anti-feedback page, you need to EQ the channel of the vocal mic feeding back, and not just the Master EQ, or Monitor EQ. It’s OK for Monitor EQs to self adjust, but you don’t adjust the FOH master EQ for feedback on a vocal mic, because that would damage all other music from the full band, going through it. So you always adjust the source first, in this case, and the most typical, a vocal mic channel, or instrument mic channel (drums, guitars, violins, percussion, etc.)

If you have any questions or need any info, please don’t hesitate
and contact me at [email protected]

Best regards
John Ferreira

Variant: Wing

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I forgot to mention that I am on latest iOS at this time, version 14.7.1


  1. This is a major UI change and won't fit on a lot of devices. Showing the bus master in the FX is already possible if you open the FX in the channel view and select the "insert" page. For the mixer view you can add the bus master to your layout.

I'll leave this request open for now to see if anyone else supports this change, but I doubt it since usuall the master faders are not touched often during a live performance.

  1. I don't understand this quesion, the feedback detection can modify any GEQ