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Icons in scribble strip
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Feature request: Icons in scribble strip

Simple icon/picture in the scribble strip for easy identification of channels. Eg. Mic, Electric Guitar, Keyboard.

Variant: XAIR

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

Not possible since the mixer doesn't support icons. It would be possible to implement into the app but without synchronizations to other clients it doesn't make sense


Hi David,

Many thanks for the reply and I appreciate the problems facing implementation of such a feature.

Just a thought, would it be possible to turn on a option in the Mixing Station App that sacrifices the last two or three characters in the scribble strip channel name to a hex code that corresponds to an icon? That way it would still be compatible with the base app and would only be used by Mixing Station as a reference to in-app icons. I would happily sacrifice the last two digits for this functionality and it would then save with the scene. If the option was turned off, it just display the hex code as text, for example "LeadVox~a0" with the tilde character as a identifier for the code?

Don't know if this is something worth pursuing but throwing it out there anyway.

Many thanks for the fantastic software.


That's actually a pretty good idea! Never thought about this although I'm already doing something similar with the x32 password protection.