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Display of UI elements with action linked to BUS not currently active in mixer config
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SQ related.
In offlineIf bus masters for MIX 1 THRU 12 and Group 1 thru 12 are added to a layer for a mixer. Only mix 1 through 8 and group 1 thru 4 display in the mixer. As expected

In offfline or online mode. UI elements with an action, such as delay on or mute group assign, directly assigned to a Mix BUS via FIXED CHANNEL i.e mix 1 to 12 or a group bus 1 to 12 or with an action of selected channel(plus a channel select is made for say group 5, when there isnt one). The UI element does not deactivate (disapear in the layout) if the MIX or group is not available in the current desk/offline config.
For example. In offline mode. Default config is 8 mix 4 groups. UI elements with actions assigned via FIXED CHANNEL>group 5>** remain active even though no group 5 exists at that point in time.

Platform: Windows
Variant: SQ
Version: 1.20