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As discussed in Discord a few weeks ago and for use when mixing station is being used with layer restricted to control a specific MIX not the main Stereo BUS, and when the Channel strip is displaying MIX ON/OFF not mute state via app settings. In this use case I do not want the user to be able to control the MUTE state of channels only see what it is, but I do want the user to be able to control the mute state of the MIX master they are controlling (so MUTE Enable is active).

This action would be listed under MAIN under ON(MUTE)
The purpose of the action would be to replicate the indication of the MUTE state as displayed on the Channel Strip i.e. Show "ON" when Channel MUTE selected ON or "FLASH STATE ON/OFF" when an assigned MUTE GROUP is MUTED or if an assigned DCA is MUTED. The Action would not have any direct "ACTION" itself.
This function could be integrated with the existing ON/MUTE as the Button can be set as INACTIVE.

This could also be done with a LABEL, but labels cant be assigned coloured backgrounds at present (something I think would also be a great addition)

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Layouts are not accessible in restricted access mode so you can't use any actions at all. The mix master mute is always accessible in restricted access mode, so I'm not sure what the intention is with this request?


David - Sorry my explanation is obviously not clear enough - let me explain the use case.
I am not using restricted mode (it limits the use to much for this use case)
To control the Mix for our live stream we are using Mixing station with a custom Layer and Layout. The custom layout has all channels added for the specific mix (the restricted bit of my previous description). The operator can only therefore effect that mix and nothing else. The app settings are selected to show the MIX ON button in the channel strip and not the MUTE, because they need to be able to control what channels are active to the stream (in case the FOH operator accidently has deselected the channel from that mix). I want the operator to be able to see the MUTE state of the channel, as selected by the FOH operator on the desk (Which includes a direct channel mute, Group Mutes and DCA mutes) The current MUTE ON action does not display all these states only the DIRECT channel MUTE state.