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Midi controler latency midi fighter twister
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I buy a midi fighter twister (wich work with nuendo well i do the test)

With the mixing station it has strange behavior. (latency response, and for example whenn I do a clic on a button for reseting a value it's increasing it (- in nuendo it get to nominal value.)

I try many different configs :
*in the midi fighter twister you can choose many options
-Encoder midi type: note/cc/enc3fh41h/switch vélocity control
-encoder midi channel
-encoder midi number

What could i do to have a proper control with mixing station?
Is it better to create a general midi remote? Or to start from another existing config?

*i wish to remote eq (gain knobs, when clic get to 0/ next knob "q" and whenn click and turn "frequency")
I manage to do this in steinberg software. But i buy it for the wing and mixing station.

Maybee the case about midi, xtouch and wing could make this case solved too. But i created this case, cause its a bit specific.

I could send you the midi fighter twister by post if you want to make tests.

Thanks for your great tools and for your continuous development!
Allbrye rest is just exactly what I was looking for!

Platform: Windows
Variant: Wing
Version: 1.2.0(193)

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I don't fully understand this request. If you have a fully configurable device use CC for knobs, notes for buttons and pitch for faders. Then you can add it as generic midi device in mixing station.

Click and turn is possible to implement by using the "Midi action layer" action. You assign 2 actions to your knob (the 2nd is inactive) and assign the "Midi action layer" to your button to activate the 2nd action if the knob is pressed.


Ok. I reput cc as midi event.

Device is correctly identified.
Whenn i assign pan for exemple, whenn i move the pan on the wing it moves smoothly on the led of the midifighter. But whenn i move the pan on the midi fighter the mixing station have a delay and sometimes no response.

I'm in mcu mode for the rotary with multiplier 1.
And for the rotary usef for the check :
Midi cc, chanel 1, function 12, value 0 or - 1 (whenn in learn config, it display the midi value from 1 to 127 of the midi)

Whenn i check with generic mode i don't know how ti configure the inc value and dec value. What is it?


If your knob sends 0-127 add it as "Fader", NOT as "Knob".
The "Knob" is only used if your midi device sends increment/decrement values, see



It work as expected! Sorry for this.

Only two last things on this part:
1/ is this any way to have center position @0 for the gain?
(whenn i place the controler @ the center, my gain is always 0.4db around 0,but never exactly on 0) didn't find a way to reset value by clinking ideally or something else if possible.

And i've got some small overload of infos that causes for exemple whenn i move frequency, some big jump sometimes.

Rest of the idea is working as a charm!
Permit to do really quick eq with all parameters available on 15/15 cm


One last thing after this whole day of usage :
Midi encoders 1 to 24 have a correct led state whatever i do.
But after 25, when i turn the midi fighter knob lefs are ok, and all is following, but whenn i turn the same thing on the wing, it didn't arrived to the led of the midi fighter (causing a gap and a jump when restarting using midi fighter)

Any ideas?
I ask the midi fighter team too.

For the rest it's really powerful!
Like having acces and view of all sends on a quick rotary with led for all the 16 bus sends!

Happy to manage that with your great tool!


So yes the team of midi fighter answer to me that it's not prevent for them to chaange the center midi dent value.

Its fixed at 63
-> Could you add a option to chose this value for center in the midi remote config? (like in the general creation popup box for example?)

And is there any way to make a reset of the eq gain for example by clicking on the corresponding knob?
And if yes, were is it (i search but didn't find it)

Thanks for your help!


Sorry for my late reply, the center issue will be fixed in the next update, this was actually a bug. The center value will be 64 which is the center value on most midi controllers