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Invert-Colors and SoF Background
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this may not be a bug but the feature “INVERT COLORS” does not apply to the functionality called “SoF Background” !!
here is an example :
say I have “SoF Background” = ON
and say my Bus1 has the color”green”; and the Bus2 has the color “invert-green”
when activating "Send-on-Fader", the channel-background-color is full-green whith SoF-Bus1; but only framed with a green line when SoF is on Bus2; which is normal and is what we expect !!

now, when the feature “INVERT COLORS” (in the mixer options) is also activated, than all the channel and bus colors did change as expected but the “channel-background-colors” whith Send-on-Fader are still the same as before

> Bus1 has now the color “invert-green”; but when going to Send-on-Fader on Bus1, the channel-background-color is still full-green

> Bus2 has now the color “green”; but when going to Send-on-Fader Bus2, the channel-background-color is still framed with a green line

which is not exactly what we would expect…..
but maybe there are other reasons for this behavior..??

Platform: iOS
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.4.9

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Did you disable and enable SoF after the color change? Otherwise it won't update


Hello and thanks for your reactivity....
yes I tried also disabling and reenabling but it still works the way I described....
it seems that there is a double inversion concerning the busses
once it inverses the colors of all channel names (thats what we want it to do !!) but as in the same time it inverts also the background-colors regarding to the bus-color there is a double inversion and the background-color is now not anymore the same as the bus-channel-color -> background-color is inverted to the bus-color..!
(I hope that my explanation is not to confusing)

thanks anyway for having had a look on this....


There is no "inversion", the inverted colors are simply additional colors the mixer sends to the app. So the app doesn't know if it's inverted or not, it just receives a color. So far I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with my mixer


okey thank you David
maybe my message where a bit confusing
I am using your Mixingstation-App and an M32C mixer (so there is no physical interface; but just the app and the rack-mixer
now :
when "invert-colors" is not enabled in the mixer-options of Mixingstation, all is fine within the feature "SoF Background" ! when in Send-on-Fader-Mode all the channel have the right background-color (full if the bus-color is full also; and just outlined when the buscolor is inverted)
thats all okey !!

now when I enable the feature "Invert Color", from now on the background-color for Send-on-Fader is now inverted regarding to the bus-color....
when the Bus-Color is a full-color the background-color is outlined
and when the buqs-color (its name) is an inverted one, the the background-color appears to be full-color in the MixingStation-Window

if all this is still confusing, I'll send some images to you by mail tomorrow....
sorry anyway for wasting your precious time...


Hello David
I just downloaded your latest Pc-App (1.2) this morning and I saw that you fixed this tiny little thing !!
thanks a million; I am very happy with it now...
and thank you very much for your extraordinary reactivity... thumb up !!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers and friendly greeting......


To be honst I didn't change anything yet :D But it's working now?


no, it is still the same thing....
as I did all these test, and I saw the new version this morning, I tested too fast (and could not edit my already posted message)....
but its not really a problem.... you can close this threat !!
thanks anyway for your your great App


...can you remove my confusing message ?