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Graphical view to show and adjust compressor gain
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Can I suggest that you add the ability to see the gain setting in the graphical view of the compressor (this approach is demonstrated in many PC compressor plugins)

Basically The diagonal line rather than starting from 0,0 is shifted up by the gain value. (

This has the benefit of visually showing you the gain setting, and also being able to see if the maximum value can exceed 0dBFS on the output from the channel by where the top the graph intersects the top right corner.

Additionally I would ask that, just like the threshold and ratio, the gain can be adjusted by clicking in the graph and dragging up the lower section of the line, thereby pulling up the whole line in the graph, rather than having to move over to the gain knob to do this common task.

Variant: XAIR

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

There are multiple issues that come to my mind with this (I also thought about it in the past):

  1. The diagram scale increases by ~ 1/3 which means the ratio display will decrease in accuracy by the same amount. This is especially bad for phones where the diagram will be very small.
  1. The level diagram won't match the scale anymore since currently the diagram is 1:1 and thus thr input level matches the height of the threshold point. This feature will be lost when moving the curve.
  1. On touchscreen it will be way to easy to accidentally increase the gain by dragging the line, but it would be possible to add some sort of circle drag point at the very left to the line (and keep the line static due to the points I've mentioned)