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Graphic GUI’s for A&H QU FX modules
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Would it be possible to add graphical gui’s for all the FX modules in the QU range? I find the text can be harder to read when having to work quickly and the gui’s make it much more obvious as to which module you have loaded.
I noticed that the Behringer X-Air options have gui’s for the fx modules in Mixing Station but the A&H modules don’t?
Also, I would love some more options for customising the overall layout with more choice off colours, text fonts and graphical icons for the channels?


Variant: Qu

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I don't have the licenses for the images from A&H which means I have to build each FX graphic myself which takes a lot of time (especially since I'm not a graphic designer).
That's the main reason it hasn't been done yet.

Color choices are related to the available colors on the mixer, I can't just add new ones since the mixer doesn't support them. Same with the channel icons (also I don't have my own channel icons, the icons available in the app from music tribe and are therefore limited to their mixer ranges).

Changing the font globally would be possible, but not on a per layer basis since rendering a different front requires a different texture atlas which will consume quite a few resources when you start mixing fonts