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xAir settings corrupted
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Post upgrade to version 1.3.0 of the xAir app... after connecting to an xAir XR18 mixer numerous settings are being changed/corrupted to a point that a scene load is required to recover the mixer. These changes are being done automatically without user input from the connecting device.

Platform: Android
Variant: XAIR
Version: 1.3.0

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There was no change which could introduce such an issue. The only issue might be related to the channel names (since mixing station now also supports icons) but nothing else.

Can you be a bit more precise? Does this issue appear everytime? Were other users connected at that time?


We definitely lost the channel names. All the names reverted back to the channel number. The band seemed to indicate that it did more than that, but it was right before a gig and they were panicking a little bit. This would happen every time I connected my tablet with mixing station... The others were using the either the ios XAir app or the XAir edit app. When I started using the XAir edit app on my laptop and stopped using the tablet with mixing station, problem never happened again.


Do you know if you have the very latest version installed (1.3.0 222) the 2nd number is important.
Because a similar issue has been resolved in build 222


Its reporting as Mixing Station X Air Pro v1.3.0 (219). I have an Amazon tablet, and it was updated a few days back to that version.

My licenses just migrated so I can now use the new consolidated Mixing Station app. Would that be a better option for me? Its reporting v1.2.0(101)


Yes then the app was definitely the issue since the 219 build had this bug. Using the new app in your version is fine, it includes the fix.