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Possibility that color of the object is copied from the ch object is tied too.
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Some objects are tied up to the specific channel. I would like that those objects are of the same color as the channels they are tied up to so that they are color coded in same way for easy navigation.
If I do it manualy then every time I change the color of the chanel while setting up a band, I would have to edit layout and change the color of the object wich is not practical.
Can you introduce channel color value in Theme choice?
So, that when we are choosing "Theme" one of the choices is "Chcolor". That would apply the same color that the chanel the object is tied to has (if it is tied to, otherwise it can be default). So, when in mixer I change color of the channel, color of the connected object autmaticaly changes too.

Variant: XAIR

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