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New object - channel names/buttons row
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This feature wish is related to "bug" Task 2696. Bug is there by design to save battery.
So this is request for a workarround if possible.
All I needed from the mixer acctualy is just the chnames/buttons (description in Task 2696).
This is the situation. I have main layout with mixer, and another layout with chview. I would like that in this another layout chnames/buttons stay in the same position as in main layout/mixer.
I tried to solve that by adding mixer object in new layout and overlaying it with channel view except were in mixer chname/buttons are. But, since mixer doesnt go fully to the background I resorted to creating 16 buttons and assigning them to ch 1-16. Problem is that buttons cant be of the same width as in mixer because of snap to grid function and they don't follow color code of the chanels they are assigned to.

So, my feature request is - can you introduce new object - channel names/buttons row? Row should be same thing as chname/buttons in mixer but without anything else from the mixer. It should follow then names and colors that are set up in the mixer and react to short and long click in the same way as in the mixer and have same number of channels as in the mixer.

Hope this makes sense and can be done.

Variant: XAIR

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