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Crash when selecting IDCA in custom layout
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I have created a custom layout which includes the channel name, Preamp Gain, and buttons directly to the EQ and Sends views. Upon creating a layer using IDCA's, when touching the channel fader for an IDCA, if you miss the fader and get anywhere within the channel strip itself the app will crash. I can use the same layer with the default layout and everything functions perfectly. I have only encountered this with the AH SQ as I have not had an opportunity to test it with the other AH consoles.

Platform: Android
Variant: SQ
Version: 1.0.2 (100)

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Cannot reproduce. I did add all items possible to the channel strip and assigned some channels to an IDCA.


If it's related to your layout please submit your layout via email or here as link, otherwise I can't reproduce the issue


I am trying to figure out how to share the layout with you. I have discovered that it occurs on SQ and QU, and seems to revolve around using a label to display the current selected channel name. If I select the IDCA, the app crashes. When I remove the label from the layout it works. I also have a knob on the layout for the channel gain which seems to be just fine. Selecting an IDCA, the knob simply disappears, when touching the IDCA Name to display the channel spill for that IDCA, upon selecting a channel the gain know reappears and functions.


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Thanks for the hint, I could reproduce the issue


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