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Main LR button for channel strip
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For the Allen Heath it would be amazingly helpful to have the On/Off option available in the main mixing layer/default channel strip. Below for VARIANT, it should be ALL Allen Heath. The Mute, in effect turns it of, but it also Mutes as a mute should. All the other mixes and groups show the On/Off option Where the Mute was. Mute should be a separate item from On/Off for Allen Heath. This is a standard thing with the way Allen Heath operates. I know it is available by going to the channel detail, then selecting the Main (top-Right) option, then it can be turned on or off. Very cumbersome if you want to not have anything routed to the main but only through groups (an Allen Heath BUS) for mixing. My suggestion for implementation would be to add the On/Off option, and if the mute is shown, then on the sub groups or mixes, show it's status as well rather then trying to combine to two features into 1 button. Am example of usage would be to route all the vocals to a group for group processing prior to their main send and removing their send to the main while not muting the input.

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The app isn't combining anything into one button.

Adding a general "main lr" on/off button to the channel strip makes sense and would be possible to include in the next release.


david renamed this task from Allen Heath On/Off for main bus to Main LR button for channel strip.Mon, Oct 11, 5:44 PM