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PEQ Q value and curves do match mixer
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The Q of the PEQ in the QU Mixers are controled by a "width" paramter. Mixing Sation calculates the theoretical Robert Bristow Johnson Qb and the theoretical EQ curves with the assumption that the width parameter in the QU mixers defines the half gain bandwidth in octaves. However the QU mixers work different. The Qb depends on the absolute value of the Gain paramter and can be approximated as follows: Qb = 1/"Width" * 0.3833 * 10^(abs(Gain) / 80 dB). If found this appoximation equation be measureing the frequency response of the PEQ at 1 kHz center frequency and with 5 , 10 and 15 dB Gain. I propose to report the Q for a medium Gain of 7.5 dB but to caluate the frequency response curves for the actual Gain.

Platform: Windows
Variant: Qu
Version: 1.2.0 (200)

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Thanks for your feedback! I can either use a fixed gain Q or make it gain dependent for the entire app.


david renamed this task from PEQ: rerorted Q and Curves do not fit with QU Mixers to PEQ Q value and curves do match mixer.Tue, Oct 12, 1:14 PM

The next update will use a static gain of 7.5db for the Q conversion for now. It looks pretty much the same to the mixer graph now


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