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Fader: Nudges don't allow access to 0.0 dB Gain
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The nudge witdh for the faders are not 0.25dB as described in the manual . The nudge width is somewhere arround 0.31 dB.
Therefore is not possible to set a fader to its 0.0 dB Position. I propose to use a nudge width of exactly 0.2 dB or 0.5 dB because the faders gain is displayed with a resoltion of 0.1 dB. This means that the nudge wtdth must be a multiple of 0.1 dB to ensure always an exact fader gain display. The nudges don't work at all below - 30 dB.

I also desparately demand to introduce the posibility to reset the faders to 0.0 dB with a double tap.

Platform: Windows
Variant: Qu
Version: 1.2.0 (200)

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It's not that simple since not all mixers accept any random db value. Therefore there is an internal mapping and the nudge simply increase/decrease by a couple of steps of the mapping table.