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RTA Display and Overlay with wrong frequency scaling
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The RTA display and overlay in the PEQ don't show the RTA Bars at their correct positions. The center of each RTA bar must be shown at the position of its centre frequency in the graph. But most bars are shifted significantly wrong, Erros of nearly two bar widths occur especailly at low frequencies.

The RTA overlay in the GEQ also does not correspond with the frequncies of the GEQ faders. Here the errors are bigger at high frequencies.The 16 kHz RTA bar is dispayed over the 12.5 kHz Fader.

Platform: Windows
Variant: Qu
Version: 1.2.0 (200)

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Yes there is no scale mapping, the rta is simply distributed across the faders since it's the closest fit for all mixers. I remember the rta not beeing that far of but I'll have to verify this


The next update will properly map the RTA overlay to the GEQ frequencies


Hello David,

thank you for your fast Feedback. I like your softwarre a lot .

Regarding the RTA display you are using only the 28 RTA bands from 31.5 Hz up to 16kHz.
They have to be spread so that the left border of the lowest band displays at 28.1 Hz and the right border of the highest band displays at 17.9 kHz.

Your display ranges fron 20 Hz to 20 kHz so it covers 30 complete bands.
Starting the RTA display at 1.5 / 30 of the x-scale length and stop it at 29.5 / 30 of the x-scale length would result in a correct display.

Best Regrads



It's not that simple, but I already fixed it for the next update. The qu rta also only had 28 bands, this has been improved to 31 as well.