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Screen is not painted well (areas which are not erased)
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If you switch between layers or other parts of the program only some parts a painted new and the rest of the screen doesn't change. For example you change the lay from channel "1 to 24" to "25 to 32" then you get 8 channels well painted but the other channels which were displayed before you see (but you cannot interact with them).

The program is running on big monitor with a resolution 3840x2160 (there is another monitor (build in notebook monitor) with 1920x1080 on the same system).

If I use another application windows to wipe over the area which is not cleared it has no effekt. (This would produce paint commands to the area)

Platform: Windows
Variant: DL
Version: 1.2.0

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Make sure you're using the latest gpu drivers. The issue you described did happen with old Intel graphics drivers.
Moving another window on top won't change anything since the app is rendered using opengl