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Scene info and momentary talkback button
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Hi there,

2 suggestions and a LOT of love!

1- It would be great to be able to see the selected Scene/Cue in the top of the main screen view!

2 - Also it would be great to have a custom talkback button that was momentary/unlatched. Certainly makes for some interesting listening during a show when the FOH guy accidentally engages the talkback button that\'s latched on!

and.... I LOVE THIS APP!!!


Mixer Model: X32 Raxk x 2, X32 Compact

App Version: 61.2 paid version

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1 and 2 will be covered by the new "custom action" system I'm currently working on.
It will replace the existing "custom actions" but with more UI elements and more functions like a "latch/toggle" selections and the ability to place labels in the sidebar (like the current scene/cue)

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