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Adapting for large touchscreens...
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I contacted you about using Mixing Station on larger Windows Touch PCs a few months ago. I have been running BlueStacks App Player to achieve this. First and foremost, I have been thoroughly impressed with the RELIABILTY of using a hardwired Ethernet connection over Wifi as with iPads and Android tablets. Wifi hiccups especially with larger crowds, is a major drawback over have a real console.

Now, I have purchased a ViewSonic VSD-231 Smart Monitor. This allows me to run Mixing Station natively on Android (JellyBean). This is a GAME CHANGER! Now instead of having a portable wifi tablet, Mixing Station is now the CONSOLE. It is rock solid reliable. I am currently using the app with an X32 Rack + S16. This a 32 channel board that fits behind the back seat of my car... AWESOME.

Now to my feature request...

When Mixing Station runs on this larger screen, the faders become unnaturally long when proportionally compared to smaller tablets. I have enabled all the additional sections in the \'Channel Strip\' settings, however the fader is still about 3 inches too long.

My idea to remedy this would be to have one additional button that shortens the fader for use in this manner. The other way would be to expand the detail of the information above the fader on the channel strip. Maybe something as simple as enlarging the meter bridge would suffice.

Anyway, I realize I\'m doing something outside of the Mixing Station\'s original design, which is why I feel like an \'Enable Large Screen Mode\' button would be the perfect solution. I can send screenshots if needed.

Scott Rosenbrook
SAR Pro Audio

Mixer Model: X32 Rack

App Version: 0.061.2

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ViewSonic VSD-231

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" - Default Channel Strip

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" - Same Channel Strip options as ViewSonic

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I believe what is happening here is you are comparing screen shots on diffenet devices are showing layers with different amounts of channels in them

When you have a layer with more than 8 channels like in the top screenshot consisting of 16 channels the faders become thinner and longer, but when youy have 8 channels they are fatter.

You couldnt havee 16 channels on screen the same size thickness as whwen you have 8 channels on screen, and you if your 8 channels were as thin as the 16 channels then half the screen would be empty

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I fully understand that the faders get thinner in WIDTH as more channels are added to a layer. This is not what I'm inquiring about.

To clarify, I am using Mixing Station on a 23" Android touchscreen (VSD231). What I am asking concerns the VERTICAL length of a fader, not the width. The optimal length would be roughly the same as a physical fader on a physical console.

Here is a screenshot from the Galaxy Tab 4 7" with exactly the same number faders and channel strip options enabled.


Again, I also understand that I'm using Mixing Station outside of its original design. Nonetheless, I feel this is a new and ultimately more reliable option to use in conjunction with tablets as the mobile option. This use is intended to replace the physical console and does not move once setup for a show.

Thanks again!

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Check out the rack...


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Maybe it is time to add some sidebars along the top or bottom?

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Exactly what I did... The OP was before David added the sidebars to the app.

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Check out the touchscreen in action yesterday...


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Anyone interested in this project should check out RemixOS. Free download or you can buy a Remix mini PC for $49 (after $40 off for signing the mailing list. Originally $89). This is by far the best way I've found to run Android natively on x86 architecture. Mixing Station is 100% working and way faster than BlueStacks emulator on Windows.

Good mixing...

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