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Custom actions for cues are confusing
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Actions for loading cues are confusing to use as they refer to "cue index" which is already used by the cue itself.
There must be a difference between the cue number "x.x.x" and the raw cue index (position in the cue list)

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Cues start with index 0, therefor Load Cue 0 would be the correct action for loading the cue in the first slot.

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Cues are loading correctly from the Cues page but when I assign those cues to UI buttons then Cues are recalled 1 index nr too high. It should be the same as recalling from the Cues page. Besides that, it used to work in a previous MS version.
For example:
Cue page: load cue nr 3 recalls nr3
Cue UI button for loading nr 3 loads nr4

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