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Monitor Mixing
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Currently I am using TouchOSC to allow a member in the band I mix for to do monitors from onstage. I usually run a four way accessed via a tab for each mix. This solution is okay however any changes made in x32 edit are not translated back to TouchOSC.

Would it be possible for the layer buttons to be replaced by direct access to bus mixes?

Also, it would be good if i could restrict the app to only monitor mixes (for multiple buses) so that FoH cannot be edited.

I suppose I\'m really asking for an XM32monitor app.


Mixer Model: X32 Rack

App Version:

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As I wrote on the website, I really would like such Feature. A possible solution would be to connect with option"No restrictions" selected. on the following password Popup there should be a button "non restricted Busses". If this one selected the SoF button on the right side should be replaced by a single button for each free Bus.

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Restricted access for multiple busses would be a great feature indeed.

*Push* starting a new summer season with my band, unfortunately without this feature.

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