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Haptic Feedback
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Haptic feedback would be very useful. This could be a global option in the settings. Each time a button is pressed, the tablet could vibrate briefly so you have a touch confirmation that the state was flipped. This would also be great to have when you press custom UT buttons, change layers, turn fine and mute enable on and off,etc. There should probably be a \"disable haptic feedback\" option on each custom UI element however, because I wouldn\'t need the vibration pulse for the tap delay button, for example.

Another thought is to add a longer or pulsed vibration warning that you have reached the end of the range on a knob or fader. This could be useful to give you a sense that you have fully pulled a fader down, without having to look, or perhaps you\'ve reached the max of a monitor send, etc.

Mixer Model: X32

App Version: 0.063.2

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Also a minimal vibrate when passing 0 on fader or default, like 0 on balance