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Popgroup not working with long click
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Hi David,

I recently have created a custom UI with HA, HPF, and FX Sends on the top sidebar. This works great on my 22" touchscreen to adjust the fader's vertical length. However, to make the new section actually useful, I had to change the CHANNEL CLICK to channel select and CHANNEL LONG CLICK to channel overview.

My problem now is that there is no way to use pop groups, as the channel click selects the DCA instead of opening the pop group.

Thanks again for all your great work! Mixing Station on larger touchscreens has changed everything for me... Workflows are great and setup is easy. Besides that, it's getting me more gigs by people being intrigued by a Touchscreen console who strike up a conversation.


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I'm not sure how this problem can be solved elegantly.
Making the single click always using the popgroup might not lead to the desired result.
I guess the best way would be to lock it to the "Channel Overview" action (so long click in your case).

What do you think about this?

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Hi David,

Thanks for the quick response. I think locking the pop groups to open by locking to "Channel Overview" makes sense.

Another way would be to add another configurable action to the Channel Strip options. Then Users with custom UIs could determine which action is best for their UI/UX. In my case, I thought a "double tap" to open pop groups would work. Its also odd UX that DCA groups are selectable, since they technically are not actually channels.

On another note, I'm highly enjoying Mixing Station on my new RemixOS mini. I finally found the best way to run Android apps on a PC. Pass it on, if you have any inquiries.

Again... Great work my friend.

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