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More info on ADD CH TO LAYER page buttons (squares)
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What about to have more info about each \"rectangle\" then simply channel name on squares that represents channels in ADD CH TO LAYER page?

Today I substitude my friend on a gig with his band, his X32 and his session. Unfortunately he uses same name (talent`s name) for INPUT CH, for MONITOR SEND CH (same source, different EQ for IEM), talent`s DCA GROUP (it controls talent`s voice and doubled tracks on DCA) and talent`s monitor BUS feed. All the mentioned channels he has labeled with same talent`s name \"Janek\". Since he is using iPad it works for him because it has fixed topology and clear position of each of those channels. Unfortunately with Mix Station all the channels looks the same in ADD CH window no matter if is it InCH, DCA or BUS - always the same rectangle. This is where is my request coming from (I had to rename IN CH and BUSes first before I was sure enough which channel to use in my custom layer).
(I will try toadd picture later)

Thanks, safa

Mixer Model: X32Producer

App Version: 0.63.3

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here I go with the picture, I hope it will clarify my issue/idea for you


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Oh, little mistake correction: I have drawn my proposal to BUS rectangle instead the highlited and described mangenta one... but I hope its clear and you know what I mean :D

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Will be added with the next update