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delay button flash
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thank you for your work on this app, it's my favorite!

A minor irritation, found that the flash of the delay button when used with custom layouts, is always flashing a little bit faster than the console. I really LOVE the "hold down" the button (in custom layouts) on beat1, and hold till beat2. That method is SUPER ACCURATE! It is WAY better than the tap tempo on the regular mutegroup/userbuttons screen.

any way to add the ability to not flash the button in the custom layout?

any way to add a button to simply bump the delay up or down one click?

Mixer Model: x32

App Version: pro (64.5)

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The blinking button should blink in the correct time, but it will definitely not stay in sync with the console.
It's not possible to do so.

So you want a button that just stays deactivated for tapping / setting times?
I'll think about a solution.

Also should be delay up/down increment in the smallest step (1ms)?

I double checked it, the tap button (where the "regular mute group buttons" are) stays in time, but lags just a bit behind. the tap button found in the custom layer, somehow oddly blinks just a bit faster than it should. I tested it with two tablets with different versions of android but your same app version, same problem on both.

just wondering if you think an option to just disable the button blink on custom layers would be a good temporary workaround, or maybe a good additional permanent option even?

yeah, a single ms up and down option for a button would be sweet!

thanks for your continued and constant improvement on your app! It is SUPER FUN to use!

oh yeah, the tiny bit of lag is no biggie, it has to be triggered from a osc message from the console over the network, so it is understandable that there would be a little delay to it...

just a bit funny that the rate is just a tiny bit faster on the custom layers only, that was all..

DeclanSlater added a comment.EditedNov 12 2016, 3:33 AM

I think I am wrong, it just seems that it just wanders the timimg for it all over the place for some reason, sometimes it seems to be over 400ms of variation (enough to be a full half measure off on a delay that is over 800ms), then wander right back to be right in near perfect sync. So, how about a dumb request then? Any chance to have the option to read the current delay value from the console, and use a delay built into the app software maybe to make the button blink? I must say though, that setting the console delay in this new custom layer mode with this different hold/release method, sure is dead on, quick, and reliable!

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Was this documented? I'll double check but this is new to me. Is this only when creating custom layout?