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Mixing Station Questions. Possible feature request.
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Hi David,

Just to start, your android app is just awesome. I love your approach to M/X series gear, in my mind XM32 Pro is so much better than Music Group's software offering! I have sold quite a few friends on the pro version of your software - we all use it regularly. XM32 Pro is pretty damn bullet proof... Well done!

I've been researching a plan I want to accomplish, a mixing task with my m32r. I think you might be able to help me solve it. You are a busy guy, and I hope to ask respectfully for your input, because you seem to be the only guy with a possible solution.

I am playing dub music, and I want to use your software to map MIDI CC from my controller. I have not tested this feature with my android device yet.

Ideally I would run this from my apple laptop. Is there any possibility of running MX32 Pro .apk on OS X with an external midi contoller? Or do you have a port for OS X?

Thanks for your consideration!


Mixer Model: m32r - DL32 - x32 rack

App Version: 0.064.5 (211)

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