Mixing Station X AIR Pro sync issues with some Android devices
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So I upgraded the firmware on my XR18 to 1.15 and can access it from my Windows 10 laptop and iPad's (still hate the X-Air app for iPad BTW). I can connect with my LG G-Pad 10.1 (VK700), but when I connect with my smaller LG G-Pad8.3 (VK810) Android tablet it finds the XR18 in search and connects to it, but no update. Doesn't download the scribble strips or any settings. It acts like I went into offline mode. I can connect with either LG-G pad (8.3 or 10.1) with X-Air App and no issues. I prefer to use Mixing Station X Air Pro. Also, i'm running the same version .001.2 (20) on both LG devices. I'm going to point this on the dev-core site for David as well in the event he doesn't see this post. It's a bummer with a gig this weekend and I rely a lot on the 8.3 LG :(.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 0.001.2 (20)

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Seems like sync was disable in the settings