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Hi, I have mixingn station buyed for x32 As. you know x32 cannot show vumeter in post mode. and the solution for most user is to use p16 out for see vu meter in post on 16 ch you want.
I prefer user dca for the most important ch I need to see vu meter level post (4 voice channel I use). and in mix station I use personal layout to only show a dca channel for see the vumeter

  • why you don't insert p16 monitor level?
  • and in layout mode if you insert not only "channel" but only a label like "vu meter", in good because we can create a layout with mixer and the p16 vu meter only graphics ... or create a channel without meter.. in layout we put in the mixer the label of p16 for see vu meter in post. sorry for confusion. maybe if you want I can try to explain better. but this is a good solution for see the vu meter in post mode in mixing station

Mixer Model: x32

App Version: the last

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