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Busses Only Restriction
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It would be good to have a way to restrict a device to only the busses, or a group of selected busses. I have a band member who would like to mix all the monitors on stage but not have the risk of accidentally modifying the FOH mix. Either that or add a way to password protect the LR mix in the app..

Mixer Model: X32

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Before I get to my comments; this program is fantastic! Thank you for writing it. I wish there was a PC app with this quality of work!

This is very close to the suggestion I was looking for.

I use Mixing Station Pro with a Behringer x32 for running sound at my church, and it is wonderful to be able to take my tablet down to the monitors where I can hear and adjust exactly what the musicians are hearing.

So, my variation on this suggestion is to set up a way to lock the interface down to only one send-on-fader screen.

What I have in mind specifically is a separate app which only has send-on-fader features I realize this is more work, but I would hope you could simply remove all of the unnecessary elements. (Considering that, I would even be willing to spend a dollar or so for each copy that I installed)

This version of the app would be used by the musicians to be able to adjust the monitor mix for themselves.

However, you might be able to look at this and think up a better solution to my situation.

Again, thank you for writing such a great program!

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the app does already provide this functionality.

You can select a bus before connecting to the mixer. This will restrict the access to any other mixes.
It is also possible to password protect the main LR mix (but only for other mixing station instances).
Details can be found here: