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midi compatibility
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Just purchased Mixing Station Pro and I'm in love!
There isn't much Im missing to make this control app perfect.
I am using Behringer's BCF2000 via USB-OTG and it works pretty great!
The only thing I have questions on are the push knobs, are those not supported in your software? The button is recognized, but when I push in and turn, it's sending the same midi info as if I were not pushing the knob in. If I am just missing how to program those knobs correctly, please enlighten me.
If this is not possible, is there some way to assign a button to switch all the knobs to a different page of sorts? Kind of how mackie control mode works on the BCF, some of the buttons to the right switch the knobs from pans, to gains, to eq controls for the selected channel.
Thank you for your time and for an amazing piece of software!

  • Mike

Mixer Model: Behringer BCF2000

App Version: 0.064.5 (211)

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