Bus name on buttons and knobs
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Hi David,

this is my mixer front end (thanks for the possibility to set it up that freely)

The marked button "Mon 1" is the SoF for the first bus and the "Send 1" is the send for bus 1 for the selected channel.
Yes this is redundant but I use both options depending on the situation.

It would be fine if one has not to give the buttons fixed names but they dynamically show the name of the bus they are assigned to.
So if the Bus 1 is named "Alex" the buttons should also show "Alex". And if the bus is renamed the buttons shall automatically change their names.
This might be done in the definition of the buttons by a new place holder e.g. [ch_name].

I have just one project which is always the same. But mostly I have completely different requirements and changing all the button names takes too much time.

Thanks for the great work.

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I would like to see that too...

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This has already been implemented:

[sofname] Will be replaced with the name of the target mix channel.

Custom Actions SoF

Hallo David,
Geht das auch mit den Drehknöpfen (siehe Bild oben)?
Die könnten auch den Namen des entsprechenden Elements das sie bedienen anzeigen.

Gruß Stefan

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Hi, ja es sollte mit allen UI Elementen gehen die die sends on fader action verwenden. Um den Name des aktuellen Kanals zu bekommen gibt es noch kein Tag, ich mach gleich mal ein Task dazu auf.