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Parametric eq re sequence
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Over on the Live Sound Engineers group on Facebook, I asked "For a feature that keeps the overall eq the same but puts the bands (and thus the controls) back in their "proper" low to high order for parametric eq.
Let's say we are ringing out a lecturn mic.
We identify and notch the first feeeback frequency, then move on to the next which can be either above or below the first.
We end up with the bands out of order, the upper mid can be below the lower mid, etc.

What's desired is the ability to keep the overall new curve the same but put the parametric controls back in sequence.

Apparently no one knows of a board or remote that will do this, but most think it's a very desirable feature.

Obviously some smart logic needs to be applied. If top and bottom are set to shelf, they don't get touched, etc.

Many thanks for the amazing software. The tools you provide are first rate and well worth the price to support development,

Mixer Model: X32, X32 rack, xr18, qu16

App Version: Latest pro for all mixers

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