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Two BCF2000s crash the app
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The Mixing Station is great! Just have a problem...

I am trying to connect two BCFs. When daisy-chain them over classical MIDI, it's alright but the secondary BCF is a little bit slow and we're also experiencing some midi feedback.

So I tried to connect them both over USB, using a USB hub.
While in the app I turn one BCF and confirm the popup.
I turn the second one (and confirm) but the first one stops working.
Then I try to use the LEARN function in MIDI Setup with the "not working" BCF. It yields the same parameters as there were already (same CC, ch etc.).
Well! Now the I can use one fader on the first one.
But closing and opening the app gets me back to the beginning (just one BCF is working).

In LEARN both BCFs seem to be recognized under the same "device name".
Tried giving the different IDs.
They're sending on different channels.

And whenever I turn one of them off (or disconnect the USB) the app crashes.

Can you please help?

Thanks so much!

Mixer Model: X32 Core

App Version: 0.064.5 (211)


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I could reproduce the crash. Fix will be added to the next release coming on sunday/monday

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