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Layers with different channels per layer / multiple controllers possible?
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Hi David,
just got your Mixing Station Pro for a X32R/S16-setup and I'm still amazed what you can do with this app. Great work!

One feature request would be to not only have a global choice for visible channels, but to change those for every layer.

Right now I chose to have 24 channels visible (getting very narrow, but still usable) for some layers as an overview, but others only contain the DCAs - those only using a third of the availble space and thus not using the available space in a perfect manner. The same thing happens, if you just use the meterbridge to select any 8-channels.

It would be great, if the channels selected from the meterbrdige would always use the available window space (so just 8 channels visible) AND the choice for the visible channels would be part of each layer (on their edit-page).

All the best,

Mixer Model: Behringer X32R

App Version: newest

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So a property/check box that auto sizes your selection to fit the screen? And button property to select bank of channels?

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