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No set up buttons
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Can\'t find \"buttoms\" in set up. Only app and Layers.

App Version: 0.057.0

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Same with me, maybe caused by running the app offline?

david added a subscriber: david.Mar 11 2015, 10:52 PM

Custom buttons and midi support is only in the donate version (offline & online mode)
You need to sign in for the donate beta programm if you want access to these features:

click me

Oscar added a subscriber: Oscar.Mar 11 2015, 10:53 PM

App is connected to the desk

David, I am Beta tester and I could only find MS beta V0.057.0 in play store. I have already donate V 0.056.3 but I cant find MS pro donate V0.057.0

Oscar, you must subscribe to the donate beta app too, I just did it. Didn't know there were 2 beta's. I can now see the new options.

Thanks Paul and David! I did everything correctly but I overlooked the fact it could take up to 24 H to receive the update.

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