linked channels faders not moving together
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On my last gig there where around 6 connected devices and there was a problem with linked channels faders not moving together on only 2-3 devices (after restarting app it was different). I understand that it might be wifi/bad connection problem but I had quite good AP, close to stage, also problem was there even on tablet that was ~1m close to AP. So its possibly a bug.

Could be resolved temporary though by T808.

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The X32 can only handle up to 5 devices / instances of Mixing Station. Any other devices will not receive any data updates.

The App itself does poll data every minute so it should be fine after some time.

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Another device was to test if same behavior is affecting other clients, there where never more than 5 devices active. Problem was there even with 4 devices. I'll try to get more data when not at gig.

That's strange. I've just tested it with 4 devices and it seems to work. Are the devices in sync again after some time?

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Yes, they where in sync but after quite long time - like 15 minutes or so. I was trying also to close and reopen app, didn't help :/
That was quite confusing for band members unfortunately... I'd really wish for T808 to not have such problems in the future (well, maybe with a config option to disable that).

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Another idea is: if link is set on console and app syncs that, maybe it can display faders together besides if its coming from console or not? Just a thought.

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Does this issue still occurr?

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I never were able to reproduce -> we can blame network connection.