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Cutsom Layout removed by using restricted Mix access
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On my smartphone runing xm32 pro, I made a custom layout - which works fine.

When I once startet the App and selected a Bus in the "Mix access" list, the apps connects but shows a default layout.
This default layout remains, also if I later start again without restricting mix access.
I can reproduce the issue. Also by using Offline mode.

It is not a real problem to me, since i usually don't use restricted mix access. I just fell over this by accident.


Vielen Dank David für die Mühe.

Echt geniale App - wir nutzen sie ständig im Gottesdienstbereich
(wir mixen nur per App/WLAN)


Johannes aus Sachsen

Mixer Model: Behringer X32 Rack

App Version: 0.064.5


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