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Channel Preset --> Save on existing with empty title doesn't work
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tried save some Chanel Presets (accessible in Channel Overview --> Folder Icon --> Presets). When i want to save to a preset slot, where there is already a preset present which has an empty title, nothing happens. By the long click, there should show some save dialog (i think like "do you want to overwrite...?") - which doesn't happen. Therefore it is impossible to use this preset slot by the app.

If i overwirte an existing preset which has a title, all works fine.

As Workaround, you can save to the preset slot by the console itself and give some caption -> now this preset works with the app again.

I noticed, that with the app it is possible to give a preset an empty title while saving - don't know if this is possible with the console itself.

Mixer: X32 Rack, App: V0.064.5

Danke fürs überprüfen, David. Denke, es dürfte nur ein kleiner Fehler sein....


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