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Channel parameter views in custom layout
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Hi David, firstly thanks for creating such a useful app! Much nicer to use than x-32 mix on the iPad.

I was wondering if you would consider adding the 'channel parameter views' to the custom layout editor. By this I mean a tabbed view where you can view the EQ, config, Dyn, etc, for the currently selected channel. I've been using the official A&H QU-Pad iPad app which has a great layout where the channel parameters are displayed in a view above the fader layer. It actually makes it really quick to change the parameters of each channel, for example if you're EQing, you simply open the EQ tab in the parameters view then switch instruments by tapping the corresponding channel strip below thus minimising the number of taps to get to the desired screen. Also it means your fader layer is always visible incase you need to make a quick adjustments.

If it was possible to add such a view to the custom layout editor within Mixing Station then the user could construct a similar workflow to that on the QU-Pad app.

Many Thanks,

Mixer Model: x32 Compact

App Version: ?

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