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Thank you plus suggestion
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Dear David, (and team?)
First I want to thank you for a great software in Mixing Station Pro! The possibillity to change the layout and add personal functions in buttoms and knobs is great. Mr. Paul Vannatto told me about it as I asked for a way to direct load of snapshots. - Works perfect!
A suggestion is to make the similar funtion but with "save" command. Reachable via a separate buttons to program with the function or, even better, via the the button used for load snapshot but, for example, a long press on the button (can give a popup with Save - yes or no).
Often a snapshot need to be adjusted over time, and my suggestion will make it possible to re-save the snapshot without needing to be a guru of understanding how to do. (long-press is common for radio-receivers to set the station-presets)
Your software with the snapshot loadings is excellent and make it possible to use the XR18 in fixed applications where newbies just touch the screen to get the settings needed.
Thanks again for an excellent work!
Gunnar Klingberg

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: PRO 0.001.5 (26)

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