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Setting for default "follow RTA" value
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Hello David

I use Mixing station Pro version for my X32 Standard and X32 Rack station and I found it very usefull and easy to use.

For sound system equalisation, I use GEQ effect Rack and the overlay RTA with a dedicated input channel connected to a measurement Microphone.

From the X32 station and on the PC Edit version, it is possible to save a fixed source for the RTA channel. But with the Mixing Station App, the source is systemically reset to input of the active effect Rack. This is a little boring when you switch several time to this function.

Should be possible to have the same behaviour as for Behringer l X32 softwares?

Thanks and bravo for your App.


Mixer Model: X32 Standard and X32 Rack

App Version: 0.064.8 (216)


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